Sunday, October 24, 2010


I know you're probably sick of hearing about it.. in the news, on TV, in print. I don't know how you could be but I realize it's really being put out there lately. Unfortunately, it's actually conjured up some old memories of my own in regards to the issue. I was talking to my husband about it the other day and said that I "think" I was bullied in high school. I say "think" because I don't know if it would be classified as bullying or just some jerk picking on me. Either way, I have only one memory of going through this. Or I should say only ONE person, but many memories. And would you believe that the culprit was a boy? I was in 7th grade & this 'kid' just picked on me EVERY day in English class. It was crazy. I was very quiet back then and pretty much just minded my own business. But every day in English this kid would call me names, kick my chair, throw stuff at me. And I hate to say that even after all these years, I've never forgotten. When I say he called me names, I mean he called me NASTY names.. Besides F'in Scumbag, dirtbag and whore, he also called me the "C" word. Yes, really. When I sat back and thought about it this weekend, it made me wonder how the hell a 7th grader even KNEW that word. It's so disgusting. I started to day dream and imagine sitting with his mother over a cup of tea and telling her all about the hell her son put me through and I imagine she'd be pretty appalled at the things he'd said to a young girl. From what I knew about him, his family was pretty well rounded. Just your regular modern family. Fairly well to do; his dad was either a police chief or well on his way to it at the time. I imagine his mother was a nice lady who made sure that dinner was on the table every day and kept a nice house.. always there for her kids. I guess it wasn't until I was older that I thought about those things. You often figure that someone must have a pretty shitty life to treat others that way.. but I really don't think he did. And trust me, this goes beyond the idea of "if a boy teases you, he LIKES you". Sooo not the case. This is the same 'kid' who, under his senior year profile, wrote... PET PEEVE: Fat Chicks. How nice. So now, fast forward, here we are all these years later ( 20 or 21) & I've seen his profile on Facebook via some other classmates' pages. Evidently, life has been pretty good to him. He's now a married man with children AND he's a police officer. Ha, a man of the law.. SERVING and PROTECTING. How ironic. I pray his child/children NEVER have to endure what I did that whole year. I often contemplate sending him a message and just getting it off my chest. If I saw him at a class reunion, I don't know how I'd feel. I really wish I could tell him how he'd made me feel and how MEAN he was to me at such a young, impressionable age. But would he care? Probably not. I don't think he's changed at all. But that's just my thoughts. I can't help but think he's the same prick today that he was back then.


  1. I hate people like that with a burning purple passion. I'm glad you survived him thought and I think the word should be spread even MORE about bullies....

    Love, Mere

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Mere!
    Once I started typing this post, I couldn't stop. lol But it felt good to get it off my chest


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