Monday, March 08, 2010

Holy Hiatus Batman!

I can't believe I haven't posted since January. Really? Slacker! Well, I've got so much to update you on.. so I'm going to just do it in bullet-style, which isn't one of my favorite ways to post but it's going to be much easier for me.. Just this once, I promise. I've just been so busy with life, work and wedding plans that I haven't made a good effort to get on and post anything. I wish I could update my blog EVERY day. It would be so much easier. I'm going to be kinda silly with this, but these are the things I would have blogged about INDIVIDUALLY if I hadn't been a slacker.

* Our washing machine broke.. I think it's something simple but we're just using the laundromat for now. I don't miss the laundromat and I'd have been fine if I never stepped foot in one again. BUT it's working for now. We're planning on getting a new washer/dryer after the wedding. It's just not an expense we planned for right now.

* Our house is close to being exactly as we wanted it. We've painted and moved some things around. Bought new furniture for the living room and moved the old furniture to the room off the deck, and turned it into a family room (of sorts).

* We have a huge pine tree that we can't wait to cut down in our backyard. It's obnoxious.. Truly. The neighbor evidently hates it too; the limbs that used to hang over into her yard have all been cut.

* Our neighbors behind us have a paint gun and decided to hit ours and the house next to us over the weekend. Nice bright green paint all over our deck. Assholes.

* I had my Bridal Shower 2 weeks ago - It was fantastic! I received so many great gifts and am so grateful. I loved cleaning out the kitchen and putting all the new stuff away. We love the Keurig coffee machine! It's the best. I love all my gifts though. We're so appreciative of all the things we got. My family and friends were way too good to me. I have so many kitchen items that I really needed. Gifts aside, I was so happy that my friends (old and new) were able to make it). It was a special day.

* Evidently, it was try #3 on the Bridal Shower. The first place my sister booked, ended up losing their lease and never told her. She got her deposit back and then booked it somewhere else. So a second set of invites went out. The new date ended up falling on the weekend we had the snowstorm from hell and the shower was postponed yet again. So finally on take #3, it all came together and was a success.

* My older sister, who is 35, just announced that she is pregnant. I'm ecstatic! I was sure, as were the rest of us, that she couldn't have children and here she is all ready to be a mommy! So thrilled for her. She remarried in June of '09 and she's very happy. I can't wait to start planning a baby shower! So much fun.

* Our wedding plans are coming together.. We've got 33 days left. I'm nervous as hell. Not going to lie! Not about getting married but about that big entrance I have to make in front of all those people. Serious case of nerves, people.

* I diagnosed (sorta) and fixed (sorta) my car. It was having issues with not starting in the morning. The mechanic said it was the starter. I wasn't so sure. Paid for it, brought it home. Same thing the next morning. Did some research and was convinced, (thanks to the internet) that it was my ignition switch that was bad. Dropped my car off again, gave the mechanic the printouts that I found online in regards to the Saturn Ion and the bad ignition switches. He questioned me, I said "Yes, please do it".. He replaced the ingition switch... and Voila!! It works! No more dead car in the morning.

* I've become highly addicted to tweeting. I actually annoy myself sometimes. I constantly have my Blackberry in my hand.

* My friend (since Kindergarten) is coming in from Portland for my wedding.. I haven't seen her in way too freakin' long. I miss her and can't wait to see her. Only 33 days to go! We have so much lost time to make up for.

*I've got to get a move on and do something with our spare bedroom. I hate that we made it the "crap" room, for all of the things we were trying to find a place for. I may actually tackle it when I'm off on Friday.

* I had really good intentions to lose weight for the wedding and I totally didn't. A few pounds here and there but no serious progress.

* I've been stressing about things ALOT lately.. I was never like that but now all of a sudden, I break out in welts and itch like crazy.

* We're thinking about adding another canine-kid to our home but so far it doesn't seem to be 'meant'. We'll see what happens.

I think that's it for now.. I know I'm forgetting something but for now, this will do. I'm going to update on my wedding blog too as soon as I get a chance.. I'll post a pic or two from the shower.

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  1. You're so pretty :-)
    You have been super busy. I feel like I already know most of this stuff from reading your tweets though! and don't feel like you tweet too much because I love reading them. I can't wait to see pics from your wedding!!! I'm so excited!


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