Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow = A Snow Day

I'm a sissy. I admit it. When it comes to snow! I hate the stuff. Walking in it, standing in it, and of all things: driving in it. The roads around my neighborhood suck & I'm not chancing it to get out of town and drive 35-40 minutes to work & then home again. I probably shouldn't have called out but everyone at work pretty much knows I just don't drive in it. The roads may be fine once I get going but as far as I can see, they're covered here by me. I called my boss & left a message since he didn't answer & I'll also follow up with my co-worker who's in the office right now. Hope I don't get in trouble - then again I don't know why I would. So I may just stay in my PJ's all day today. What else is there to do? I had a busy weekend that started with taking my mom out dress shopping for the wedding - AGAIN. But she found a great dress, much better than the first & she seems to have decided this one is the ONE. I sure hope so. We did a game night last night with our friends ... we played Catch Phrase again. I love that game. If you haven't heard of it or played it - You MUST! It's great! I could probably play all night if I could. We had such a great time... no alcohol or anything. Just a nice night with friends, having a great time & lots of laughs. I hated to have to call it quits but it was getting late & I'm always the party pooper who has to work on Sundays. Well, not today. Bleh! I'll take some photos of our yard and maybe a quick video of my dogger. She loves the snow! Crazy Canine!

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