Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hurtin' Pup

Well not yet but I might be later on. We took advantage of the semi nice weather today and went for a bike ride. Whew! It was definitely an adrenaline rush but my body wasn't ready for the length of ride that we did. We should have started out way smaller than what we did. But I'm glad I finally got to go and try it out. I think Jeff tried to kill me! ♥ I hope my butt isn't hurting later on, it sure was during the ride. We went uphill and down hill and we even went through the woods, so that was tough with two bridges to cross. Small little wooden ones that I was sure I was going to end up going right through! I have to get used to the bike riding but I can't wait to make it a regular routine when the weather's nicer. Jeff says we can't her our doggie one of those little attachements for my bike so she can ride with us. He's no fun. I guess I'm off to shower and dress so I can take my mom out for the afternoon.. We're dress shopping. Oh boy!

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  1. I always get a sore bum after riding the bike! Sounds like a run ride though!


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