Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome FRIDAY

I thought today was going to be my "do nothing and stay in my PJ's day" but I can't ever sit still. So now I'm thinking about all of the things I could be doing and none of it involves being cooped up in the house. Darn! I was actually throwing around the idea of maybe going and finishing up my registry at the one place I started online already. I figure I could do it by myself and get it done once and for all. Heck I'm getting married in a little over 4 months from now so I have to get registered right? Who knows when the shower might be. So I may go do that and I also have some letters to mail. I also wanted to get to the store and get some new tops. I have so few long sleeve tops/blouses.. so I may take a trip to my favorite place to shop: *Ross. If you're wondering why I've been adding strange characters after words, it's because I'm trying to eliminate spammers etc from arriving at my blog. I realized, through others' blogs, that when someone goooogles a word, or store or whatever it is I may be referring to, it links to any sites that have the word in it. So if someone were looking for the site to the store mentioned above, they could end up here. Not that it matters much because my blog is public but you just never know, I guess. Well, I'm off to shower and see what exactly I'll do with my day. Maybe stay in and clean & straighten out (make some sense of) the spare bedroom or high tail it out of here and over to the shopping center. I'm lucky that I live in a very busy shopping area. Restaurants, nightclubs, shopping mall and shopping centers all within 5 mins from my home... BUT I know when the real Christmas rush hits it will be chaos! Happy Friday! Enjopy your weekend!

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  1. Very cool that you were engaged on friday the 13th! :)


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