Sunday, November 08, 2009

Busy Life

Trying to get a post in before bed tonight. What a busy weekend. I had a 6 day work week but I'm so not complaining. I get overtime out of the deal. Nice! I had a girls get together Friday night; you know those romance parties that they do? Well, I'd had one before from another company and it was great.. but this last one? Sucked big time! The woman who ran it was just strange in every sense of the word. BUT in all, it was awesome hanging out with some great friends and having many laughs and good wine. Three of us ended up going out afterwards for a bite to eat and never ate. We, instead, ended up at this hole-in-the-wall place that they call a bar and it was horrible! I hate the place. When I was 21, it was tolerable and you drank enough to be able to do that! ;) But in the end, I guess it was ok. I came home, went to bed and felt like absolute shit the next day. Not sure why, still. I drank a half glass of Pinot Noir and then a 1/4 of a beer later on. Not enough close to enough to make me have the hangover(ish) feeling that I had the next day. Let's see, what else? My girlfriend's baby shower was a couple weekends ago and I'm so thrilled that she made out wonderfully! She got so many nice things and I think she's all set for baby girl when she comes! They've already got the baby room set up, it's all pink. Way cute. She's also my bridesmaid in our wedding, so she'll be having the baby in January, only a few months shy of the wedding. Makes for an interesting time when we order the dresses. Yikes! LOL But I'm thrilled for her and her husband.. they do have other children. And luckily, we live only a few blocks from each other now, so I can walk over and see the baby any time! Well, maybe I will call first. Maybe. So that's that as far as catching up. I think.
Oh and I'm working on some things that pertain to my future as well. No, I'm not talking "babies", even though that would be STUPENDOUS! Nah, it's career oriented. Sorry folks. In other news, I'm still debating what to do about Thanksgiving. I'm thinking it would be GREAT to have our first Thanksgiving in our new/first home... but I'm a big fan of going to the inlaws' to have dinner too. The idea of cleaning up that mess and basting a turkey all day is nauseating. And besides, I did it last year, so maybe I'll take a break this year? We'll see what I decide. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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