Saturday, October 10, 2009

The wind down

Well, I finally got all of my fall decorating done. I'm sure I'll come across something in the coming weeks that I just have to add but for now, I'm pretty darn content and impressed with my creative side that suddenly appeared. Is this what happens when you buy a home? All of a sudden this domestic diva comes out of nowhere? Domestic Diva?!! What a crock. I said that to Jeff last night when he came home from work; he was thoroughly impressed with what I'd done out front. AND I'm proud to say that I actually was able to get those damn cornstalks in my car.. which by the way is just a Saturn ION. Yes, it was interesting when I got up nice and early yesterday morning, went to the produce outlet and saw the cornstalks there in the garden center. Literally towering OVER ME. I said to myself, "And how in the hell am I going to get THOSE big ass cornstalks in my car?". So I left, with some indian corn and pretty new mums and figured I'd wait til Jeff got home with his Titan. BUT, if you know me, I don't like to wait and I wanted to do it myself. So I went to yet another garden center and looked at the stalks, MUCH the same in size as those earlier and was not leaving without them. I went to the counter to pay for them and the nice young man actually went out to get them for me. I said to him, money in mid-pass, that I wasn't sure they'd even fit in my car. He said, "I'll get 'em in".. and did he ever? With a little pushing and maybe a bit of squishing and an open back window, he managed to get them in my car and lucky for me the excess that was hanging out my window was minimal. I was glad I was only around the corner from my house, in any case, but I got those cornstalks! So now, we're all fall decorated. This morning we got up early, went to breakfast and made it to the fall festival one town over, before the rain really hit. Lucky for all of the vendors, it lasted only a little while. They had lots of nice things for sale and it was a nice walk for us. Now I'm home unwinding and waiting on takeout to get here. Is that order-in as opposed to take-out? Anyhoo - I'm getting my jammies and slippers on and relaxing for the rest of the night. I need to just sit and vegetate for a while. Too much running today. We decided to take my mom to Ikea to look at some things for her new place.. (actually just a bedroom at my sister's place) and she went hay wire like I did the first time. Ikea rocks though! I love it there.. and I was able to control myself this time. Then we were off to church, Target, Walmart and now we're home. Can you see why I'm exhausted!!?

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