Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trying to stay awake

I'm really trying to stay up late tonight.. since my work week's over but Thursdays are always so hard for me. I was up in the wee hours this morning and now it's catching up with me. Oy, my poor body. I should probably try to get to bed at a decent hour anyway so that I can start my day earlier tomorrow. I do like sleeping in on my days off but I don't like sleeping in too late because then I feel as if half my day is already gone when I do get up. Tomorrow I'm picking up my mom and my niece and hanging out for a while. I think my niece has a soccer game tomorrow night too so we'll just hang until we have to go to her game; my sister's working til 8 p.m. I want to try and get home in the mid afternoon so my niece can nap before her game. I always feel like she's so tired by the time her game starts. They're so little to begin with.. but it sure is precious seeing a bunch of toddlers racing around on the soccer field. And she is a star! It's hard to believe how well she plays... but she's always loved the soccer ball. I guess she's a natural. Hopefully the rain holds up because I don't like lugging through the rain when I'm trying to get things done on my days off. I think I might try to go bowling.. my niece LOVES bowling... so that's an idea, in case I can't think of anything.

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