Thursday, October 08, 2009

Turning in for the night

I hope. Thursdays are my "fridays". So naturally on Thursday evenings I take it to the limit with staying up late and enjoying my "weekend". But I always get to the point where I can't hang any longer and I have to call it a night. Tonight I've been on Ebay looking up God knows what for the wedding. This, that and the other thing. Cake toppers, favor seals, jewelry. You name it! I was even putting in things that were turning up "no results". Come on, seriously? EVERYTHING is on Ebay. I don't believe it. Well I must call it a night anyway, because I've got big plans to get up early and run to the produce outlet and grab some corn stalks and mums to put outside. Yeah, I learned that mums have to be watered? Hey, I'm new at this owning a home thing and I do not have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination so I'm learning here. The last two mums I bought turned into a nice dried floral arrangement. Yeah, that's it! I was going for that look. Ahem. Anyway, I'm meeting up with two former co-workers tomorrow and I'm super excited. We'll have lunch around the corner from my house and then they want to head back here for the grand tour. It's nothing special, probably, but it's ours and we love it. So I guess that's all that matters. I guess I kind of want to get the last of the fall decorations up BEFORE I bring them back here for the tour. I'm just teetering on Fall or Halloween?... more of one? or a nice mix of both? I really wanted to get those tombstones that they sell at Michael's and put them in the big flower bed that we have outside but I think we're still in our "probationary period" with the neighbors! haha I don't want to have them eyeballing us anymore than they already do. I think they were all a little curious when I hung the "Welcome to the Nut House" flag out. It was too funny not to get it, sorry. We had one when we were kids when it was OH SO APPROPRIATE for our household. So, I'm going to make that effort to wake before 9 tomorrow and get my butt out for the last of the goodies to make this place look festive for Fall.

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