Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Falling into place

It's apparent that Fall is here and I could not be happier about it. I wish that Fall were the only season we had. Maybe a bit warmer, but not much. I don't like chilly mornings when I have to get a shower or climb out from under the warm, cushy blankets. But yes, I'm really digging this weather and this time of year. I love the homes decorated with all of the Fall themes and the hay bales and scarecrows! I need to go get two more from Michael's because it's come to my attention that our front yard is pretty darn big and the scarecrows I did put out just don't look right. There's so much empty space and then these small scarecrows at opposite ends of the barren flower garden out front. I really need to jazz up the house way more than this. It drives me batty every time I pull up in front. Before I know it, Halloween will be here and I love that holiday! Always have and not sure why. This year my sister works on Halloween and so does my niece's dad so I'm taking her out to trick-or-treat with my friend and her son. Well, he's 13 so we're pretty sure that he's past the age of walking the neighborhood with mom and trick or treating! One can hope though. I'm going to get dressed up too but I'm not sure what I'll be yet. Probably just get some ears and the neck tie like I did last year. I was a devil I think. It was silly but it was easy. I better get out and find something though because those shelve empty out pretty quick when it starts to get REALLY close. I better head on over to the wedding blog and update there.. I can't believe we are 6 months away from the big day. It seems so far and other times it seems so close. I have some things to get done that I have to stop procrastinating on.

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  1. I have one tall scarecrow from Michaels in front of my house right now! I think I may need another! ;)


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