Monday, September 21, 2009

Back from hiatus

If that's what ya wanna call it. Maybe it was really a case of lazy-ass-itis. Yeah, I'm going to stick with that. Really it was a combination of laziness, writer's block and just plain being BUSY. I'm not even sure what my last post was about.. Well actually yes I think it was about my dear friend who is expecting. But I mean before that one, where I was trying to catch you up on the goings on in my life. I guess I'll come up with all the details at some point but I'll save it for a later post.. at least that way I know I have to come back soon and blog again. Sort of a guarantee. So let's see... we moved out of the dreaded "rental" we were in. You know, the one we almost bought and spent the next 30 years in. Miserable. We moved onto much greener pastures and bought a home, in the same town, but I picked this one. HA! Nah, we both did ultimately, but I just thought this home was darling and I really had a feeling of serenity when we first saw it. I had a feeling. So we prayed (not that we would "get this house") but we prayed that however God worked things out, we were willing to go with it and just let things be as He willed. I didn't stress about where we going to live, I didn't have a lot of anxiety about it, I just truly gave it to God and knew that it was all going to come together. You might think that's pretty stupid, not knowing what the hell you're going to do if things don't work out the way you've hoped. But I'm so glad to say that things did work out as we would have liked and here we are. Making our home in this cute little place we call our HOME now. I love it. Of course, there are things that need tweeking etc.. to make it according to our tastes/styles but ultimately, it's just as we would want to have it. We're mostly doing small things like paint and such but I feel so at home here and I'm so at peace with that. I can see us in this house for years to come and I hope that we have a lot of happy years in it. I'm really hoping to get back to all of my blogging on a regular basis because I really do miss it. I always said it keeps me sane being able to sit down at the end of the day, or maybe at the beginning, and sharing things, venting things, voicing things. I'm always staying on top of keeping up with the blogs that I follow.. even when I'm not posting. I think I have a slight addiction to the Blog World in general. hee hee .. Imagine that.

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