Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm so not a fan of getting up early on my days off but today I have so much to do, I wish I'd gotten up even earlier. I have so much to do but it involves me being out of the house, so now I have to run around and get my house chores done. I'm so anal about doing my cleaning on Fridays so it's done for the weekend. I actually started it last night and all I have left is some dusting, running the sweeper and the bedroom. I'm meeting a friend/former coworker for lunch today at the Olive Garden. Yum! I asked if we go around 11:30; I figured by the time we get settled ande get our food, it'd be around noon so that will have me on schedule, I hope, to get to our appointment by 1:30 for the bridal shop. I'm going to be running like a nut in the house until then because I don't like leaving things undone or not getting through my whole cleaning routine. Man, I need some valium, right? I think we'll have a busy weekend here. I had made tentative plans with another friend to get a quick dinner and catch up, after yet another year has gone by, but now I may put that on hold, because Jeff says the weather is going to be nice Saturday and he really wants to get the exterior painting done on the house. That should be fun. I'm thinking I probably will hate scraping paint. Or however it is exactly that you get paint off. Stripping paint? I don't know what it's called .. but I do know it's termed "stripping" wallpaper and that's what I'll also be doing in the weeks to come. The wallpaper in our bedroom is lovely. Not. So we're going to remove it and paint. I was all ready to just get a dark enough paint to go right over it but everyone is telling me no. I'll post some before and after photos when I get a chance. For now, I'll post a before and after of the living room, if I can get them on here. Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I'm heading to the dollar store later and maybe AC Moore or Michael's for some new fall decorations. I need to get to Michael's anyway for more magnets for my Save the Dates.

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