Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice!

Yes!! I was right all along. My besty Carol is having a girl! I'd been telling her since she got pregnant that she was having a girl. Plus, I had a dream about it and told her so. She totally puts stock in my dreams (especially since I play #'s I dream of, and they sometimes come out!).. lol But anyhoo, I'm super excited for her. Well, and for her husband too! LOL Even though he was adamant that it was a boy. They'll both love this baby no matter what sex "she" is. I'm very excited for them and their journey to parenthood... yet again. They've got 3 children between them already so this little bundle will make 4 and has 3 other siblings to be spoiled by. Baby Girl is due in January and everyone's just so happy and anxious to meet her! I wonder if they've thought about names yet?

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