Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't ask

Seriously. Don't. One thing I knew was inevitable when I got engaged was the age old question coming at me, in a matter of time. "So, when are you two gonna have kids?" Hmmm. I don't very much like that question. In my 'situation' I've never liked it. I think this is a very personal question so when people just abruptly come out with it, I usually just entertain it to the slightest degree possible. I had one gal ask me a while ago and I ignored her. She wasn't in front of me, so it wasn't that rude of me..it was on a message on another website. Some times I feel like Jeff's family wonders why we haven't had any kids yet. Recently when Jeff told an in-law about the house we had interest in, it was questioned as to why we wanted a home with 3 bedrooms. "Why do you want 3 bedrooms, unless you're going to have kids". So, now it's assumed that we just don't want children??? That's pretty presumptious, I'd say. At times, I feel like really stopping them in their tracks and saying, "Well, ya see. I can't have children on my own. in fact, I've got the card for a fertility doctor in my purse, but have yet to make the call. Maybe you could do it for me?" I don't know why I take offense, when at times, I probably shouldn't. But sometimes it just bothers me. It's a touchy subject and I stay away from it unless I'm having the conversation with my closest friends or family. I could go into details, etc etc in this post but I'll save it all for another time when I have the time to actually share it. Caio.

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