Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ahh, spring...

Could it be? The weather today is beautiful. A bit chilly but for the most part the sun seems to really want to be here. I just want some sunny days already.
My weekend started a bit early .. I was off today. Unexpectedly, at least as of yesterday afternoon, but nonetheless here I am. I'm working on Saturday to cover for another co-worker & then of course I work Sunday too. Eww, I don't like working on Easter. I think it's a major holiday but evidently my employer doesn't. Not nice. I really like getting together with family and having the traditional Easter Dinner. I wish I could just work Monday through Friday. But then there are days that I like having my Fridays off. Jeff and I really only get to spend ONE full day together. He works on Fridays and I work on Sundays, so Saturday is the only day, start to finish, that we can actually spend together. Doesn't really put a strain on things .. at least I don't think it does. ??? Just stinks sometimes with this schedule I guess. I'm going on my 5th year with this schedule so ya think I'd have stopped whining about it by now. I will.... Eventually. Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL FRIDAY!
- Peace out -

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