Sunday, November 09, 2008

Breakfast with Dad

Went to breakfast on Friday with Poppa. It was nice as usual. He looks good considering all that he's dealing with healthwise lately. I don't know if he feels as well as he looks.. but I sure pray that he does. He's obviously in some pain still with his legs as it was evident when he walked etc.. but I pray every day that some more of his pain is alleviated either by medicine or a small miracle that God bestows upon him. It never seems like enough time to spend with him, what with just going to breakfast and sharing that hour of quality time with him but hopefully one day we can have things back to the way they were.
Ever since the situation with my brother and stepmom we've not been in a position where we felt comfortable just stopping by the house to say hello .. or that we're even welcome to do so, I mean my sister did call the house and tell my stepmom off, so that probably left things a little awkward between everyone. Actually she called me a few weeks ago on my cell to tell me that she didn't mean to be rude and not say hello. That's a whole other post and I've got a lot of work to do yet.
So caio for now....

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