Sunday, June 22, 2008

Updates on Daddy-O

Dad goes in for surgery tomorrow morning. If you read my previous post about his surgery, you'll see that the last appt was canceled. They're going to go ahead with it this time. I tend to wonder if the doctors are that convinced that it is a go, or if my dad is just sick of the pain and discomfort and just wants to get it over with. From the sounds of it; his bloodwork was not all that better in his pre-op tests the other day... so it wouldn't be a total shock if they will not perform the surgery. It is VERY RISKY. I should be scared to death, but for some reason, I'm relaxed about it. Trying to think positive and place it in God's hands. Prayer always gets me through things, so I'm counting on that to help. I will update as soon as I can when things are all over... even if it isn't for a day or two.
I'm off work Monday so I can be there for this... so look for something on Tuesday. But in the meantime, PLEASE SAY A PRAYER.

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