Monday, June 23, 2008

Updates on Dad -- Part 2 or 3?

I forget which part this is so ............
anyway, Dad's surgery went ok today. It's really hard for me to remember EVERYTHING the doctor said. It's kind of like when someone tells you something and after you heard the part you REALLY wanted to hear, you just daze off. Well it went something like that. We just wanted to know that he was ok and that the surgery was a success. It was and it wasn't. The cardiologist said that the leg they were there to work on was not such a success. I wish I could tell you what the name of the surgery was but I honestly don't know. I've pasted what could very well be the jist of what the hell it is I'm trying to relay here... so please use this link to understand it better.

So that "said" or should I say "read"... the left leg was very blocked and the cardiologist couldn't maneuver enough with it to get the "job done". He did say however that the right leg had severe PVD and that he was able to put a stent in there. He thinks that the pain and discomfort my dad has been dealing with, may be alleviated now... then again, it may not. They just have to wait and see I suppose. Ultimately, I think that the doctor thinks that ByPass is the way to go but I think my dad is being a little apprehensive right now. For reasons unknown to us.
He is supposed to come home tomorrow (Tuesday) so we'll see how he feels in the next few days. He needs to take it easy for a while.. and he may be out of work for a while as well. If not indefinitely, which will be a real culture shock for my dad because he has been such a hardworker all his life.

Heart Disease is a really scary thing.. and I've got to stop acting like I'm not susceptible to it. It's hereditary.. but I can take the preventive measures to live a healthy life.
Thanks for checking in and seeing how things went today.. I appreciate everyone's prayers and thoughts.

life is short

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