Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer of '08

It's finally here. Sat June 21st, Summer finally arrived. Could have fooled me; given these EXTREME heat days that we've had in the weeks prior. Not many plans in order yet for this summer but I usually play it by ear anyway. Can't wait to get to the boardwalk! I'm not going to get into a rant about the importance of using sunscreen, even though I was all ready to. I'll just leave it short and sweet..... USE SUNSCREEN! I am a huge advocate when it comes to Sunscreen protection. Trust me, I'm as white as a ghost on my legs, but I'm not taking the chance with that sun. And those aweful tanning beds!!!? No wonder they're shaped like coffins. There's my mini-rant. I'm done. (and just so I'm being honest, I did lay out on the beach, at the pool, on our rooftop one year, and also had some sessions of indoor years past. But when things start to show up on your body and you have to go to a dermatologist and get them cut off and biopsied, you start to realize that it's not really worth it anymore.

So anyway - I hope everyone has some great summer plans all laid out.
Make it a summer to remember.. take lots of pictures.
I so need to get my digital camera fixed! It just will not turn on. Any input?

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