Sunday, June 15, 2008


It is with the HEAVIEST of hearts that I post this farewell to Cody. Our beloved Yorkie. He died on June 9th. I pray that he's in Heaven where he no doubt belongs. He was the cutest and most LOVING dog one could ever ask for. I always told him that I would have to die first, because if he ever died, I'd be crushed - utterly lost without him. And I am. We all are. I'm sorry Cody.
There are people who will NEVER understand the bond that some humans can create with an animal. Cody was so much more than a just a domestic pet... he was a huge part of our family. The running to see him or calling after him when we got home, never got old. It was still as if we just brought him home.. (5 years ago). I love Cody more than I've loved most humans in my life thus far. I'm really sad and angry all at the same time...

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