Sunday, June 15, 2008


I couldn't resist buying Jiffy Pop yesterday when I was at the grocery store.
I can't speak for everyone; but I think every kid loved this growing up! I know I did... So it only seemed appropriate that I get it and make it a big deal for my niece! She loves popcorn to begin with and Jiffy Pop is one of the coolest ways to go! It seemed like it took longer than it should have, but it turned out perfect. No burning! What fun that was.. My sister and I stood at the stove with my Maya and took turns shaking it "in circular motions" noted by the instructions.. Now I want a good old fashioned Pop Corn machine. Our Pop-Pop had one and we LOVED it.

( FYI - I could only steal a few minutes at work to post, so I'll come back later and catch up) ... If it applies - Happy Father's Day!
Extra special "Happy Dad's Day" to Nate Lawrenson. I do believe (and I may be wrong) that this is by far going to be his Favorite Holiday now!


  1. i remember doing this when i was little! how was the aquarium?


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