Sunday, June 08, 2008

Think happy thoughts

Just trying to catch up on my blog. It's been a while as usual. Just when we got the laptop fixed and had it for a bit, we got yet another virus and it's out of commission again. Sucks big time.. especially when you've got email to check, MySpace to be addicted to, bills to pay, and most importantly BLOGS to update!

This is a really busy month for me... it seems as if all year was pretty quiet, well maybe not with all the things I had going on.. but anyway, back to the busy month of June... My brother graduates this month. I can't believe he's graduating high school.. he's still a little kid in my eyes (sometimes! lol). I know I'll cry at the ceremony, try as I might, to tell myself NOT to; it's just inevitable. We're having a little get together for him and some friends/family on the 21st. Every one gets a graduation party, don't they? That following Monday after the party is my Dad's surgery. Yes, they are going to attempt it again. Well, last time there was no real attempt,since his lab readings weren't desirable. So we need lots of prayers for this one! It's the risky one and I can't help but wonder if my Dad has just decided against Dr's advice to go ahead with it... ?? He's in a lot of pain these days and just can't deal with it anymore. The surgery is supposed to "fix" that. I pray it does. If all goes well, we're set to go to Ocean City for the weekend on 06/27. We've got a place for the 2 nights and we'll stay late into the day on Sunday so not to rush home. It's just the girls... my sisters and I, my mom and my niece. Should be a good time. I'm not a beach gal, I prefer the boardwalk at night and all the lights etc.. My sister is a beach baby and so is my niece. I think I'm just too hyper to lay still for any extended amount of time. Especially as long as most of the beach-goers do! Plus, I'm petrified of sunburn/skin cancer.
There just seems to be so much going on in my life right now, I don't know if I'm coming or going most days. I've been so pre-occupied, it's starting to affect things even though I'm trying not to let it. It helps that I have been going to the gym 3 or more times a week because it's a chance for me to really work out the stress and I do believe it works. For the most part, it's nothing that I'm willing to talk about at this point, but one day I might share it just to offer some insight.
It's a personal struggle that I've been dealing with a while now, but that I shouldn't be.
I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and Lord knows I wear my heart on my sleeve, which makes it all the more difficult to hide from those who know me best.
No, this is not a pity party that you missed the invite for! lol
I'm just blogging and getting things off my mind.. isn't that what it's here for?
Look for updates on Dad's surgery ... I hope to get on here before that and very soon after.

God Bless ~

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