Monday, May 05, 2008

Long time gone.. AGAIN

So how much have I failed to report?

Life is pretty much status quo.. for the most part.

Dad goes in for his surgery this Thursday. Lots of prayers please.
I really hope this works.. He's been in so much pain and so uncomfortable. I really hate to see him like this. This surgery is risky from what they say, so I hope all goes well. I haven't been really stressing about it because I've been really optimistic about it. If Dad's scared or anxious about it, he doesn't let on.
The doctors were going to do this procedure a month or two ago but they didn't because Dad had a blockage in his abdomen and they were afraid if it worked loose, it could be bad. But now that all the meds they've tried haven't worked; they've decided to go ahead with the surgery for his legs.. If I'm getting ahead of myself, just a reminder: My dad has PAD.. (peripheral artery disease).. He had a heart attack on Jan 24th of this year.. 4 days before his 61st birthday. So since then he's been diagnosed with COPD and PAD.

I just want him to feel better already.
I'll update after the surgery.. I hardly get on anymore. I feel like I'm always on the go. I used to update often from work... but now with all the internet monitoring, they've really cracked down on us. Ridiculous - if you ask me.

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