Friday, April 18, 2008

Thought the week would never end

We just got the laptop back so hopefully I can stay on top of my updates now.

Yesterday at work was really nice! My co-workers got me an Ice Cream Cake, a bouquet of cool balloons (with one that plays music!). I got 2 CD's, a really cute stationary set and a Kohl's gift card! That was all so nice and I didn't expect anything like that.. We always do cake but.. the gifts and balloons were a nice surprise.

I'm spending the day with my niece today... I have a dentist appt at 11 but I have my aunt going with us so she can sit with her while I'm in with the dentist.

I'm just getting my stitches out from my last procedure. Sounds like way too much fun eh?

Well now that I can update (hopefully regularly) I won't write a book-long post here.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!


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