Tuesday, May 06, 2008

School "Daze"


After saying I was going to do it for so long; I've finally taken the first steps to going back to school. I took my placement test yesterday... for GCC* (*I'm going out of county because they have the course that I feel is what I'm looking for.

So anyhoo - I take the placement test. It's in 3 parts. Reading, Writing & Math.
Makes sense right? So my scores: 98% Writing. 94% Reading 32% Math.
The 32% does not surprise me. First of all, I was never good, even a little bit, at Math. I despised Math which is probably most of the reason I did so bad. It just didn't interest me. But this test that I took had so many fraction problems that I was supposed to solve.. and truth be told, I don't remember shit about fractions! It probably shouldn't have been difficult but it was. Remember I'm 32 now... So I've been out of school for 14 years! And it didn't help that I totally didn't look at sample questions or even try to brush up on any thing before I took this test.

So on to the 94% (Reading)-- Evidently, according to the way this is scored...I have to take some kind of remedial class for that. I was floored when the girl said that to me! I thought "Good Lord, I'm not going to Harvard!"... You have to get at least a 98 to score sufficiently enough not to take this remedial course.

They have this cool option where you can "challenge" your test scores. For 10 bucks, you can retake any section you want. I'm thinking about it. I think I can do better. As for the math?? I may get in there and do worse! lol
But I think, honestly, that I'll take the Reading test over and see what happens. Heck, if I can get someone to go over some Math with me, I'd consider retaking that section too. It wasn't an hours long test either... There were only so many questions for each of the 3 parts. I finished it in 40 minutes and some seconds... maybe if I'd taken my time, I'd have done better. Who knows?

So anyway - that's my school story. I'm still working on getting all my paperwork in and plan to go see an advisor since I am so CLUELESS about how this all works. I went to Camden County College about 7 years ago and I can remember that I just breezed right in, registered, got all situated with aid and that was it. Now all of a sudden, I feel like I need someone to hold my hand and guide me step by step.

I really want to do this and go back to college.. I have such a strong desire to graduate from college. If for nothing else; for my own self gratification.
I'll try to keep my progress posted and UP TO DATE.

In other news: -- Congratulations Shannon! I knew you'd pass that test. You're on your way. Don't ever stress about tests - you're going to do wonderfully.
It pays to pray! Love ya.
dreams & success

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