Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My dad went in for his surgery (stent/stents) this past Monday ..
He was at the hospital a long time waiting to be taken back for his procedure. Waiting is such a nasty word! :)
There was an emergency they had to take before him, which is totally understandable. (and I hope that person fared well with his/her surgery).
Long story short, when he did get back to have it done, they (doctor) found that he has a blockage (blood clot) of some sort in his stomach. My sister (RN) says that it is most likely what's called an Aortic Aneurysm. The end result: they can not do the procedure because of the blockage. From what I understand he'll continue to take the blood thinners in hopes of clearing that out, at which time they can go in and put the stent in. The good news is that the doctor told my dad that his arteries are "re-routing" themselves. Almost "repairing" themselves..????? Is that nothing short of a miracle? I think so. For anyone who is keeping up and trying to follow me with my dad's progress, I'm sorry that my details/info are sometimes vague. It's so much clearer when you're actually standing in the room listening to the doctor while he's telling you specifics & details. I'm getting most of this secondhand so I post what I can remember and explain that which I'm capable of. Please continue to pray for my dad. I believe that prayer is very powerful and yes, I speak from experience. I was really stressing the other day when I heard about my dad's newest feat, and I felt like I was really starting to crumble... feeling so overwhelmed with his state of health these days, and what seems to be so "all of a sudden" and so much to take in. Fortunately, besides my sister and Jeff, I have some great friends who more than go out of their way to provide me the support I so often require! :) Thank you Carol & Shannon for truly being there for me. I appreciate your friendship in these times, and ALWAYS.

In other (cardiac) news. My sister's father in law (Joe) is home from the hospital and on the mend. He's in good spirits and recuperating nicely. Continued prayers for him as well.

Hope everyone is having a great week - I hope to update again this week before SUNDAY, like I usually have to opt for.

I almost forgot - Cody (my furry nephew) is headed to the Vet today to get checked out.. Hopefully he just has a minor UTI or something.. He's been having some incontinence issues (which, with the exception of an accident or two) is very unlike him..especially in the excess that it's been. I hardly post pics of my niece because I'm neurotic about that, but here's a shot of Cody when he was still a puppy... He looks fake! Cody


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