Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another ride on the rollercoaster anyone?

Wow! So many things can happen in such a short amount of time. If I blogged every day like I wish I could commit to, I would have a lot of posts on here.

On Friday, my sister's Father-in-law (yes, she's soon to be divorced but I don't like to say "former" father-in-law or "soon-to-be-ex" father-in-law)had by pass surgery. It was supposed to be Quadruple and ended up being 5 instead. What do call that? I guess, Quintuple ByPass. I have to check into that and revise if necessary.
Anyway, from what my sister tells me, he's recovering nicely. Still in the hospital and will be for some time I expect. He's breathing on his own, which I know is always a plus and some evidence that your body is reacting well to the procedure, considering the trauma your body has just endured physically. I find it so ironic that only in January my own dad was going through this. I've had some ill-will towards Joe (father in law) as a result of some hard feelings or whatever which naturally involved my sister.. and I found myself, this weekend, praying for him and asking God to watch over him. I've asked Him to forgive me for those thoughts and feelings I had about this man and instead to bless him. I hope that Joe comes out of the hospital with a new lease on life and lives a long and prosperous life.

As for my dad,{see previous posts to bring you up to this point}, he is going in on Monday to have another stent put in. It seems that the PAD (peripheral atery disease) is really affecting his left leg. He was or is losing circulation to his feet and because of this, naturally, the blood flow is not getting to them. Which can lead to other things. I also learned, while talking with him about the surgery, that he has COPD. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which I knew very little or nothing about until now. It's amazing how much you just don't know about diseases/conditions that you hear of every day, until you actually are or know someone who is afflicted with such. I've started to really worry about my dad now. Not that I didn't when it all happened or even before.. but I just feel like everything's going wrong with him. Not just now going wrong, I suppose it's all been going wrong. I'm praying so much when I go to bed at night, I feel like I should go earlier just to get through my prayers of people I'm praying for. (chuckle) It was pleasing to see that my dad was in good spirits and half-joking about some of the idea of the next surgery and showing me the "neat" little gadget that he uses for the COPD each day.
I have to wonder if that's how he's dealing with it: by joking and being light hearted about everything. If that works for him, then so be it. I'd rather not see him upset about things and fretting over it, even though every part of me knows that inside he must be scared shitless.
So, just some more things that really make you sit back and thank God for another day.



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