Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hot Fudge "Sunday"

Yep, it must be Sunday. That seems like the only time I get to blog anymore.
The laptop is still on the mend.. or not on the mend? I'm at work and it's so quiet right now. The phones are calm, (knocking on wood and typing at the same time!). My work week has started (yuck) but I'm off on Tuesday. I decided I needed a day off, too bad it's midweek and then I have to come in on Wednesday but nonetheless I'm taking it! I saw that it's going to rain on Tuesday which kinda stinks but then again, a rainy day off from work is better than a Sunny day at work~ No? We have a vacation freeze from March 5th to the 18. Which is funny because I'm off the day before it starts and then 2 days after it's lifted! I didn't know that employers could do that but ok.
I'm a bit irritated with work and the things that are going on here. I can't even begin to start telling the long OR short of it.. because it's not able to be summarized really. Let's just say that ETHICS comes to mind, and ROMPER ROOM does too.

My sister found out that my niece DOES need to get tubes for her ears. :(
She's had so many ear infections already just in this year.. and several last year. So the docs determined that the tubes is definitely something she needs. I know my sister is on the edge of her seat and really upset about it, but in the end, it's going to be a plus for my Baby M because she really needs this. It will prevent future ear infections and we know what comes with those: PAIN. I know she'll be fine but I have no idea what it's like to be a mommy and fear for your child. You don't ever want them in pain, or to hurt physically OR emotionally. Heck, I'm just her aunt and I have such a bond with her, so I can imagine what my sister feels like.
So, that said; I ask that you pray for my niece, that her surgery goes well and that this turns out to be a fruitful procedure.

Still working on finding a new song for my page.. It takes a lot of thought for me.
I'm such a perfectionist.

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  1. hey dawn-thanks for the card! how's your niece doing? are we all going to get together when renee comes?


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