Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowed in

Well, not really... It's all melting and hopefully not icing up.
Maya (my niece) and I are spending the day together... Not been real productive as of yet.. she is tired as heck, so as soon as she goes down for a nap, I'm getting my cleaning on! Have a ton of laundry to do and lots of straightening.

Went and shoveled the walk this morning and was quite annoyed that one of our lovely neighbors shoveled the whole sidewalk from the corner to a few inches before our doorstep.. that was pretty shitty. They made sure that they cleared all of the 3 other neighbors walks and stopped RIGHT at ours. I can't figure people out sometimes and I have no idea why they would do that... but, WHATEVER!
So, since I know which neighbor had a hand in it, my revenge is to not patronage their little coffee shop anymore. It'll make me feel better! lol

Not blogging much - Just checking in since I haven't in a few days.
Still keeping up with Nate's blog.. and it looks like things are progressing, slowly but well. Still praying for them each night. I included several people in my prayers last night... more than usual. Prayed for Amy and her family to settle nicely in their new home. I wish them lots of love and new memories in thier new place.

I just learned that My Chemical Romance is coming in May and I have to go! I have been waiting to see them again since the last time I saw at what I think was the Warped Tour. They're awesome. Tickets are on sale on Saturday @ 10 so I'll be sitting here at the computer ready to take aim when they release them!

Well, I think I smell a strange but familiar scent coming from Miss Maya so I'm off to assume my Auntly Duties ..(since she assumed her "dooties"...)

Have a Nice Weekend!

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  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I love you Dawn, Thanks. I never stopped thinking about our friendship either! I am really glad we are friends & reconnected again. I do believe we will not lose touch again. True friends can survive Anything. With love & Blessings Always. Shannon


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