Monday, February 18, 2008

Doing the Bump!

One of the snazzy things I learned on Blogger, is the cool art of "bumping"...
If you don't know what that means, it just means that I'm taking an earlier post from my blog and bumping it to the top... to bring it to light.

So I decided to bump this entry that I posted in February of '06.
It was actually a follow up to a post from the month before (January of '06)

I know that Shannon, my friend whom I refer to in it, reads my blog regularly but only as of recently ...

Shannon: I know you read my blog often but I didn't know if you'd ventured into the archives and saw this one.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

well, I said in an earlier post in January, that I hoped I could meet back up with some long lost friends from high school. Turns out I did just that. And it happened to be the one person in particular that I really wanted to get in touch with. Only about a month ago, our class president and some other members of the committee, started contacting the Class of 1994- through -- Our president created a website of his own so that we didn't have to use Classmates and we were all able to go on there and post forums and such-- and leave our email addresses if we so desired.. Well I am so glad that I posted mine, because that is how my long lost friend Shannon got in touch with me. She emailed me and then eventually we talked on the phone. It was so nice to talk to her after 12 long years! It felt like we hadn't missed all that time, but we did. I sure missed her, and I had mentioned to my sister a short while ago that if I wanted to reconnect with anyone, it would be Shannon. We were really good friends in high school- the later years. And I'm not sure how we got so close but we just clicked. I've been really down lately wondering how to catch up with old friends and seem like a whacko, since we hadn't talked in forever and then I'm popping up in an email or a letter to their home. So this has sure brought me some contentment. We both said that we should not lose touch this time and I hope we don't. It's really never too late to catch up. It will take a lot of catching up, I'm sure. But for the most part, we covered the basics already.


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