Friday, January 25, 2008

'Til Tomorrow

I should so be in bed right now .. but I just e-filed my taxes and decided to blog before bed.. This way maybe I won't be tossing and turning. I think I tend to go to bed with a head full of thoughts and it keeps me up.

I went to see my dad today. He looked good and he was up and moving around. He likes to use the bathroom at the end of the hall rather than the one in his room.
Not sure if it's because the one in his room is literally a corner with a curtain and toilet/sink.. or if he just likes to get out of the room and move. I think it's the latter.

I feel bad that he's really got a hankering for a cigarette.. It's been 24 hours!
But he can't have it.. Sorry Dad! Doc says no.
The food can be pretty bland but if he can just stick it out, he'll be fine. I brought him up some Oreo's and some black licorice. I hope that was ok.. but I think they're more focused on a low-fat, low cholesterol thing.. I assume that sweets are ok..??

Back up there tomorrow for a few hours... I found myself there today for 4 hours!
It doesn't ever seem that you've been there that long.. I just wanted to stay there and make sure he had company. Although, after dinner, he was super tired and just wanted to sleep. They keep coming in, what seems like every 5 hrs, and taking blood samples.. He hates that too. The ICU room is not comfortable for him, but is it ever?? Hopefully they move him to a regular room by tomorrow, so he feels a little better.

Well, that's all folks... I'm out of words and out of energy!

Keep us in your prayers.

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