Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, the call came yesterday while I was at work. My stepmom calling to tell me that my dad was having a heart attack at work and was rushed to the hospital.

The hospital he was taken to did some things and decided that he needed surgery and they transfered him to another local hospital where they have a "state of the art" cath lab. The doctor attending, actually drove up there to the other hospital and performed the surgery. All went well with the surgery. Doctor says there's damage, naturally, but that they got the blockage out and though there are a couple more that they saw, they're going to treat them with aggressive meds. He's in ICU right now and then will move to a regular floor .. before being released. That will be Tuesday at the earliest.. Maybe Monday. We saw him shortly after coming out of surgery, and he was his self (at least as could be expected).
Seemed to be in good spirits considering what he'd gone through.

I can only remember feeling almost numb driving to the hospital, but I had this strange feeling that he was going to be ok. In some situations, that could be called "denial", but I truly felt like he would be fine. It seemed that he got medical help in good time! They have a medical/EMS staff right there.
Thank God. So once he comes home, the doc says that he needs to quit smoking, and curtail (maybe stop altogether) the caffeinated coffee. Boy, he is going to need a padded room! He has done both for SO MANY years. But he does need to follow the doctor's orders. Heart Disease is nothing to play with. It's not picky. My pop-pop (dad's father) died in his early sixties of a massive heart attack. So the genes are there. That makes me think that we (my siblings and I) need to start taking our health seriously. I already know that I'm overweight by about 40 lbs, so I need to take the necessary steps to better my health too.

I'm so glad that my dad is going to be ok.. I hope the meds will help to clear up the other remaining blockages. I pray that he'll stick to the new lifestyle changes and adhere to the doctor's orders to quit smoking. It will be hard, I know that, but I pray that God will give him strength (or help him find the strength) to do it. I know he can. I believe in Him and I believe in my dad.

I have to do a couple things around the house today and then I will head up.
I talked to him for a few mins while I was on here, and he asked me to bring up a WaWa coffee for him 'cause the "stuff" they gave him this morning was TERRIBLE.
So, off I am, to do some house chores, and then head to get Dad his coffee.
One DECAF coming right up!


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