Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hoping for a better day

Yesterday was such a hellish day, I pray that today will be much better.
The good thing was that since it was so crazy yesterday, in that it was BUSY as hell, the time went so fast. I took lunch at 2:45 - which is super late considering I'm done at 5!

Anyhoo - on to a new day today. Tuesdays are not as hectic but I won't speak too soon. You just never know.

I'm super hungry this morning but I'm fighting the urge to order a sandwich from the place around the corner. They're so good! - but I have oatmeal in my desk but I don't really want that, I want something yummier!... I have to have more will power.

Weight Watchers is on my list of things to do this week... I hope I get there.
I'm going to make every attempt to get to the gym too... I might as well; I'm still paying my dues every month!

Have a good day

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