Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy New Year!(?)

Boy, I sure hope that 2008 is a better year than '07. I know it seems like everyone is saying that lately, but hey, guess that's how we all feel.
'07 was a year of 'hurt' and unhappiness for me and for those I love.
Of course, it wasn't ALL bad... there was the joy of being with family when the occasion rose, and the constant sunshine of being with my niece and watching her grow. Every day was a good day in that aspect! I hope to accomplish more this year than I did ever before. I'm even promising to blog more often! It helps to let everyone know what I'm thinking and how life is, when we're all too busy to ask or tell. I have a short list that I want to be able to look at in December of this year, and see all the 'checks marks next to each task (noting that it was completed!)check mark

To all of you: May 2008 be a year of sheer happiness, warm memories, and new adventures!

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