Sunday, August 12, 2007

What fun!

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Tam and I did our Atlantic City trip --- for the 2nd time!

Was just as, if not more, fun than last time! I really hope we've started something here that we plan to make a tradition of

It's so nice to get away for a night of just sheer relaxing and enjoying ourselves. Last time we weren't really sure where to go or what to do .. but this time we ended up at The Continental, which is inside the Shops at Ceasar's mall. It was so nice there! We had some cocktails and some appetizers that were simply delectable! It was a really nice, low key place that you could really unwind at.
We ended up at Providence, in the Tropicana, where we also stayed, and that place was pretty awesome. I read recently that it's a real "hot spot" in A.C. ... and I can believe it.
They offer VIP rooms etc.. They have dancers positioned throughout the nightclub and the music is the best mix of hip hop and house etc... that just makes you forget how long you've been on the dancefloor! They tell us that it's theh kind of club where they can turn you away at the door if they don't "approve".. or something like that. There are two entranes to the place - One is VIP entrance. (Which we didn't go through, but maybe next time!)
You can't even see in the place - until you've actually entered. They have a couple dancers in the windows that are your only glimpse of the place.. I guess they're supposed to be what entices you to want to go there. I wanted to go there the minute I heard the music coming out of there! The mix of people was good - some seemed like regulars.
I won't disclose what we paid for drinks there or what the final tally was when all was said and done .. but it was PRICEY to say the least. My sister's motto of Carpe Diem gets taken to the extreme sometimes! lol More like carpe second job to afford our next outing! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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So all in all, it was a nice time once again to get out with my sister and just have a fun girls' night out.. We always finalize it with breakfast the next morning, and then head home - back to reality.

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