Sunday, August 05, 2007

Peace and Quiet ?

Figured I'd update the ol' blog today. Even though I'm at work; this is probably the one day out of the week when someone's not breathing down my neck... It's actually pretty peaceful. I get all my work finished with a couple hours to kill and then I just relax. Well, for the most part- because there's still phones to answer etc...

Just going to the grocery store after work today and hopefully finishing up the load of laundry that is growing in my bedroom!

I have to start on a diet this week and I really need to stick with it- No Excuses! I went to the doctor finally, because my blood pressure's been higher than normal for the past couple weeks.. and she said that first and foremost; we'll work on weightloss and healthier lifestyle changes.. So that means diet and exercise. I have to cut out all the junk that I put into my body and make better choices with meal planning. It's so easy to get caught up in the fast food circle when you don't prepare your lunches or dinners.. If I don't bring my lunch to work; I'm more apt to run to the Wendy's and grab a burger than I would be if I had a nice healthy lunch packed.

So, wish me luck~ I'll update how I'm doing as time goes.

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