Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can't believe I went two days with out putting anything new in here. Things have been hectic as usual. Work is hellish as ever, but as always it's paying the bills and giving me something to do for 8 hours a day.. haha
I've been on myspace and the internet trying to find some old friends from school and such. I've recently felt like I have this huge void in my life because I don't really have that many friends. Well I have friends and they're true friends who I've known all my life basically but I get depressed sometimes when I think of the ones I lost touch with or just chose not to keep in touch with. I know it takes two to keep in touch but I know that it was more my doing that we lost touch eventually. A lot changed after high school..back in 1994. I hope I end up reconnecting with some old friends or heck even make new ones. Who knows? I just don't like the void I feel like I have in my life. I wanted more I guess, way back then, but now I realize that I should have done more to retain the friendships I had and not take them for granted. Ugh, whatever. Hope I have some good news about my search a later blog.

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  1. girlfriend, i dont' have time to go back and read all your old blog posts tonight, this was a random pick, but i'm serious, when I say we think a lot a like (even though we are different). if that makes sense???


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