Friday, December 30, 2005

I went to Barnes & Noble a while back and bought a cute little journal that I planned on keeping my thoughts later put in my blog. But I don't find it as easy recording thoughts on paper as I do when I'm behind the keyboard. I have no idea when that happened, considering, for years I wrote in a diary..Your basic, lined paper diary. Maybe it's just that I have the luxury of typing now and that's why I can't find myself relaying my thoughts on paper. I'm spoiled in a way. I did ask for and got for Christmas, one of those nifty mini tape recorders. I wanted one because I often find myself driving down the road and coming up with ideas or thoughts that I want to write down for my blog or for articles but obviously I can't write them down while I'm driving on the highway, so I have this recorder now and when I think of something, I can record it and get it on paper(or computer) when I get home. I think it was really a good investment on my part, most times I go crazy telling myself not to forget the idea that I have in my head..A little hard to concentrate on I-295 in rush hour traffic, all the while coaching myself not forget the sudden inspiration I had a minute ago! Lately, I've been wondering if I still want to continue with writing the book or just turn it into a complete work of blogging. Either way, I've been busy writing things down and taking notes and reading Writer's Digest. Which by the way is not a bad magazine.

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