Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dog goodies

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*I wasn't compensated or solicited for this review - It's all my own feedback and opinions; I just wanted to share a great product with you*  

I wasn't always selective about buying dog treats; I admit it.    But, as time went on, I noticed that some of the ones I was purchasing, were a little questionable.   I bought a store brand, a couple of times, and it finally occurred to me that these treats were making my dog sick.   She was having a lot of bile and vomiting, usually a day after I'd given them to her.   When I finally realized it was those treats causing it, I stopped giving them to her, and tossed the rest of the box.    This has happened so often.   Mostly because of all the crap ingredients that some of the companies are putting in their products.  Miley was even having weird episodes, physically, and the gas?  Oh Lord.   I may have been saving money buying those brands, but I was doing my poor dog a great disservice.
 Once I took the time to really read up on the ingredients and additives in most of the products I was buying, I knew that these were no good for my dog.     When I heard about the Charlee Bear treats, on social media, I was curious to see how they were different than the brands I'd been buying already.   Well, trust me, they are WAY DIFFERENT!   I was fortunate enough to receive a pack of the Charlee Bear crunchy treats, for my dog, on a Twitter contest.  Since I have been giving them to my dog, I haven't seen any issues with her digestion or anything else.    She enjoys them, of course, but I am really happy with the brand too.
I mean, just by looking at the ingredients, you can see the difference, compared to other brands.
I even like the serving size of these.  My vet once told us, when Miley was overweight, that dogs care about "quality", not "quantity", so we didn't have to give her big, full treats.  After that,  I started breaking her biscuits in half - and didn't feel that I was slighting her, because all she knew was that it was a treat.    With these Bear Crunch treats, I can give her just one.  But if I do give her a couple at a time, I don't feel that I'm over doing it because they're only 3 calories per treat.
If you're a dog parent, you'll want to check these out, if you haven't already.

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