Friday, March 27, 2015

A good smellin' man

I was one of the lucky folks that scored a free sample of Reveal by Calvin Klein, compliments of Influenster.  
My husband loves aftershaves and cologne, and not all of them, were scents that I would have picked for him.   I usually buy him colognes that I like the scent of.   I think I have good taste!
So, when the Reveal sample came in the mail, I was eager to see if it was one of those "must have" colognes.    And it totally was!    
I love this new scent.   As you know, perfumes and colognes are either a hit or miss.  There's usually no in between.   You either hate it or love it.   This one?   LOVE.   It's not a strong, overwhelming scent... it's just right.   It's that "man" smell that we women just love.  
This is going to be a future birthday or Christmas gift, for my husband.  But, it's more for me, than him, I suppose!  

Next time you're in the department store, where there's a beauty counter, check out the Calvin Klein Reveal for men.  You won't be disappointed, ladies and gents!   Yes, it's that awesome.

(images were pulled from the internet - I lost some photos in my iPhone, but this is what my sample looked like) 

(this is what the full size looks like, if you're looking for it!)

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes * 

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