Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mother(less) Day 2014

I wasn't sure how it would go and I was contemplating just skipping over it all together.  But we have a Mother's Day tradition of going to Historic Smithville.  (pictures below) 
Everything I read on grief says that you shouldn't feel obligated to observe holidays or other events if you don't want to.  In fact, some articles just say you shouldn't at all.   I guess it's all up to how you feel at a certain moment.    I know Mom would've wanted us to go enjoy the day and not sit home feeling sad.   

It was a pretty great day, from beginning to end, even with the crazy family that sat in front of us at lunch!   I really think that was Mom's doing somehow, because man, did we laugh a lot.   These women were nutso and the kids with them?  Wooo!  My niece was actually afraid of getting hit by the one kid, so she left her seat across the table and she stood between my sister and me.   This kid was going bat shit crazy!   He started pummeling the other boy at the table, who we overheard, was his cousin.  And instead of the grandmother and 2 mothers telling him to stop, they told the other kid not to hit him back, because he was not in the mood.  Ummm, what?  I'd have kicked his ass.  I mean, the kid being beat by him, was older and bigger so he should have fought back.   Odd, I tell you.    Then, the grandmother sends her Reuben back to the kitchen because it had Russian dressing on it!  What the hell did you think a Reuben is?   I've never seen it come with the dressing on the side. Ever.  What a weirdo.    Then she takes forever to find something else on the menu and finally tells the server, she's not ordering an alternative, because she'll have to wait forever.   So, the waitress brings a refill for one of the kids, with a lid, of course.  He grabs it by the lid and naturally it spills.    Then the grandmother is whining "Oh, it wasn't on right!"...  Yes, it was granny.    You don't grab it by the lid, it'll bend and then come off the cup.    At the very end, the grandmother is examining the bill with a fine tooth comb and proceeds to say "They should have offered us free dessert for all the aggravation".    I wanted to yell out "YOU were the source of the aggravation!".     So that was the entertainment on the deck for lunch.  Crazy shit.   

We did some shopping, had some great laughs, took pictures, had lots of candy that we didn't need and just really enjoyed ourselves.    Of course, we talked about Mom on the way down and then while we were there.   After all, it was Mother's Day.  I'm sure she was with us, in spirit.    

For lunch, we shared Buffalo Wonton and Caprese Salad with prosciutto.   I had a Seaport Salad - It was delicious!   

We even ended up at Red Lobster for dinner later at the end of the day, my heart was happy and my tummy was so full.   

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