Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Mix Up

I only titled it Monday Mix Up, because I have a feeling that I will be all over the place with this one.
I've had so much that I could blog about and yet, when I sit down at the keyboard, I just freeze.   I've heard of writer's block but jeez, how long does it last?  Is it chronic?   Hope not.

I've eased up, a bit, with my grief posts.   Certainly not because I am 'fine', but I just took a step back.
Even though it's my blog to do what I wish, I don't want to chase my readers away with depressing posts all the time.   I will still be 'talking' about the loss of my mom though and keeping her memory alive.  As I've said before, writing is my outlet for my emotions, whether they are good, bad, pretty, ugly.    Writing, I think you'll agree, can be very therapeutic.

I saw that someone on Twitter was recognizing her 'so many years' as a blogger, so I decided to look at mine and see when I first stumbled upon Blogger.   It was December of 2005.   Holy shnikeys, almost 9 years?
Much has happened in that 9 years.    I'll be sure to submit the blog-iversary post when it comes!

As for updates, I have few..  That can be a good thing sometimes.
Let's see ...  

Like the rest of NJ, I'm patiently waiting for Spring to arrive.   Yes, I know that it is said to have already arrived on or around March 21st, but I think it's a scam.   I haven't seen much tell tale signs that it's here.   I'm still freezing my ass off every day and my nose is so cold I think it might shatter.
My flip flops think that I'm mad at them because I haven't shown them any attention and usually by this time, I've worn them at least a few times.  Don't lose hope, flip flops!  Momma's comin'!
The last nice weekend we had here, it was like the skies opened up and rained $100 bills!   We all went ape shit.  AND then, it was all over in the blink of an eye.   Wahh, wahhh, wah... That's what you hear; I know.     If my biggest problem in life is still wearing a pea coat in April, then I'm a pretty lucky woman. 

Work has been crazy busy.   I can't believe how much time I've lost for blogging.  It's an outrage.
When am I supposed to be socially active on Twitter and Blogger and Facebook, if I'm so busy at work?   Damn.    I'm going to bring this up at the next meeting.   Maybe I can take a longer lunch. 
Something must be done.    All joking aside (if I was joking)... I still love my job.  It's just been hectic learning a new system they're implementing.  It will be beneficial in the end and much more modern but right now we're working through the wrinkles. 

I recently joined the rest of the cool people and set up an Instagram account.  I love it.  Seriously.
I'm a big fan of taking pictures and also sharing, so this is the bee's knees!  I even follow people whom I don't even know... and I comment too, like it's not weird.    So, I ask you, is it?
  I don't know proper Instagram etiquette.   I was, however, flattered, the day I posted a selfie and 2 teenaged boys 'liked' it.   Actually, I wasn't sure how I felt about that - I'm lying when I say I was flattered.    I was afraid to even click on their profiles for fear of Dateline showing up at my door, with the crew from "To Catch A Predator".    Hey, you can't be too careful these days.  

So, {in my best Al Roker voice}  "that's what's going on in my neck of the woods, what's going on in yours?" 

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  1. Writing is extremely therapeutic, Dawn. You are absolutely right about that. It brings peace, freedom and passion to our souls. It helps to soothe our most aching thoughts and bring the love in our hearts out toward others to shine and enlighten. Your posts are never too sad and sullen. I love watching you grow as a woman and your mother would be very proud of you.
    Spring! Where is it!! It was 60 degrees yesterday and now its 40 degrees and raining. And it's April! I'm so ready to break the BBQ back open and get back to our summer cooking. Jersey is so dreary anymore. Are we turning into the new London? I hope not!
    As for me, I'm wrapping up my novel and hoping this better weather will call some positive energy toward my editing. The winter was harsh. Gained some weight and ate a lot of muffins and chocolate. Looking to crush it was the gym and get back in tip top shape!


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