Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Gradation Nail Polishes

I also received this fab fun polish set from Influenster, on behalf of Kiss Nail Art. (in my Rose VoxBox)  The first time I used it, it didn't turn out as nicely as the photo on the package, BUT then I read the instructions AGAIN and I actually did it right the next time around.   My fault.
This stuff is awesome!  When I was finished, it looked as if I'd just left the nail salon.  I'm so glad that I got it in the Noir color scheme because it's totally ME.  There are other colors that it comes in.  Check them out here..
It looks so nice!    If you like to polish your nails at home and are looking for a new, fun polish to use, this is it.   It's called Gradation because it gives you a layered, gradation look on your nails.   I loved it.
The kit comes with 3 polishes that you do in steps.   The first one you have to let dry COMPLETELY.
The other 2, you have to put on pretty close together in time.    I can't wait to try another color.  Especially the Exposure one.


  1. H Dawn! Your nails look great, and I'm really diggin the ombré effect. I'm impressed you did it yourself, I did not inherit the "do your own nails" gene. Looking forward to see what other colors you try!

  2. I'm not really great at it, either... Trust me. And on top of that, I'm very impatient, so it was literally like watching paint dry. HA! You have to let the first coat dry completely - needless to say, I didn't and the first try turned out awful.


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