Monday, August 05, 2013


I've heard that, when someone dies, they'll "return" to visit in the form of something.  Whether it's a bird, or an animal of another kind, a butterfly..?    
In my case, I think it's a dragonfly.

I don't see many dragonflies around our house - EVER.    Plenty of bees and wasps, but don't recall a dragonfly.
The past few weekends, when the weather has permitted, my husband and I have had a fire out back and enjoyed the quiet.   Each time, 3 to be exact, there has been a dragonfly circling the fire.   The first time it happened, my husband remarked "That's your mother - she always loved sitting by the fire".   Yep, she sure did.    I kind of laughed it off but secretly was wondering if it could have really been Mom.    So, naturally, the 2nd and 3rd time it came around, on different days, I was almost convinced.

This past weekend I was standing in my driveway and something winged brushed past me; my initial reaction was to jump because I was sure it was a bee or worse.    Turns out, it was a dragonfly...  And probably the same one that I found perched upon my antenna when I was getting ready to drive to the grocery store.

It's  been on my mind & I just had to know the significance because I was sure there had to be one.
Today I remembered to see what I could find on the correlation between the deceased and dragonflies:

Dragonflies have traditionally been one of a select few creatures that have been known to carry a deceased person’s energy (soul) to their loved ones. Contact from one of these simple, yet splendid creatures brings peace to a grieving soul. A light touch reminds us that our loved ones are never that far away, even after death. They also teach us about the brevity of life, as most butterflies live a few hours to a few days. The same is true of the Dragonfly which lives up to a few short months. They also remind us of the beauty within that brevity. For beyond what we cannot see
lies beauty as well.

Holy "hair standing up on my arms"!
I think that is beautiful and a little comforting too!   But,  more than that, I hope it's true.
I talked to a co-worker about this today & was so relieved that she didn't look at me like I was losing my mind.   She, too, believes that our loved ones can send messages or visit in another form sometimes.


  1. I'm so sorry about your mom... I believe in signs like this, with my mom it was sunflowers... once I came across one lonely flower in an unlikely field, and you just can't help but think it's some kind of sign. We've also experienced "signs" when all 3 of my siblings have been together reminiscing (which doesn't happen often... things like an ornament that my mom gave one of us will fall down randomly, like she is trying to let us know she is "there" with us??? and likes the fact that we are all together - strange...and hard to explain, but that has happened.) my mom died of breast cancer on Dec 25th, 2000 - so I really understand what you are going through. It was such a sad time. Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. This is such a warm and beautiful post, Dawn. And I'm sure it not only brings you comfort knowing this, but the many others who often wonder about the same thing. Even though I have never felt a loved one visit me through another living thing, I have however, had someone visit me in my dreams. I'm not sure if you remember Glenn, but I know Tammy does. After he passed away, my heart was broken because of all of the "What ifs" and "I wish I coulds" that flooded my mind. He came to me in one of my dreams just weeks after he died and hugged me and told me that he was fine. I couldn't believe it! It felt so real when he held me, assuring me that he was going to be in a better place. Now I am not afraid to die because I know in my heart I will see him again. Your mom will always be with you and I'm sure she is proud of all of the writing that you have been doing. Not to mention everything else! Be blessed always my dear friend.


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