Monday, July 01, 2013


That was me yelling at myself.   I am having such a hard time focusing on work today; I don't get it.  I have plenty to do but keep getting distracted somehow.   It sucks.   I try to think about what I have on my mind that is causing the back up, but can't really pin point something.   There's always something going on in this mind of mine, so I can't say that it's anything new that's got me going.   Just thinking, thinking, thinking.

I'm going to have to come in tomorrow, nice and refreshed and ready to WORK hard.   No distractions.   It's a short work week for me, so I better use the time wisely.   Nothing worse than coming in to a shit load of work that you have to catch up on.  I don't have one of those jobs where someone else does your job when you're out.  I love my job though; best place I have ever been employed.  Ever.  

I guess I feel like I have a lot to do this week.   Saturday I'm having one of my closest friends over - She and her husband are moving from NJ to VA.   I'm not sad that she's leaving; I'm quite happy for her, in fact.   I can't say that we saw each other more than once or twice a year, but she won't be just a 30 minute drive away, anymore. But we've always been in touch via email and Facebook.

  On the upside, I can't wait to visit her when they're all settled in.  I'll give them a few weeks to settle.
HAH!! I'm kidding.   I'll probably have to wait until the new year.
 I've never been to Virginia.    I'll try to get some great pictures to post from our get together.  I know it'll be bittersweet but they're going to enjoy their move and new home so much.  It was custom built in a 55+ community, with all the amenities!  Good for them.  They deserve it in more ways than one and I'm so happy for them to just retire and enjoy life in a place they'll absolutely love.
She's such a dear friend of mine - Always been there for me, through it all, was like my work mom when we worked together, and just really has been the epitome of a "true" friend.    She came into my life when I started my previous job, in 2004, and we just clicked.  I love her laugh and her kind heart.   She is just such a wonderful person.

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