Tuesday, June 04, 2013

lazy days of ... Spring?

Ever have one of those days, where you have a gazillion things you SHOULD be doing but haven't gotten to ONE of them yet?   That's me, today.   I had to finish the dishes, get 2 loads of laundry folded and put away, hang some clothes in the closet, that are sitting on my dresser...   
I even almost talked myself into going to the mall tonight & decided not to.   I had no motivation. 
Plus, if you add Lifetime into the mix, you know you'll never get off your butt then.
These movies pull me in, each and every time.   

I have a busy weekend coming up - And lots of pictures to post afterwards.
Saturday I have the Cancer Survivors event for my mom. Should be fun!  They'll have a red carpet, and a faux "paparazzi", and lots of raffles and prizes for the survivors.   Hope the weather is nice, I plan to get plenty of pictures and really want Mom to have a good time.  Then we have my niece's recital right afterwards.    Sunday we're supposed to go to a pow-wow with my dad.   We used to go all the time; they're actually very cool.   I forget which tribe my pop-pop was from, but he had it in his bloodline somewhere.  Lots of fun & interesting stuff.   Looking forward to a fun, eventful weekend ahead, and it's only Tuesday!  

Friday is Mom's CT scan, so PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for really good results when she sees the oncologist again.    We need some shrinkage folks.   If you're reading this and can do so, please say a quick prayer for her.   Thank you..

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  1. Lots of prayers for your mom tomorrow. I hope the results are good ones. Hang in there...


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