Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I've been wanting to and promising to post the scoop on my mom, but things have been so hectic, between work, home and all that goes along with Mom's treatment, etc. I should start getting up in the middle of the night when things are calm and quiet; I could blog really well then. I created and am keeping up with a CaringBridge page that is chronicling Mom's journey with Cancer. I guess you could tell from the previous posts that it that awful C word that has now entered our lives a 2nd time. First, my brother was diagnosed last July and now Mom is fighting 2 cancers. Both are primaries, and one with metastasis to her hip/femur. I've included the link to the page here, so you can catch up on things.

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There are several journal updates thus far, so click on the link just under the entry you see on READ JOURNAL HISTORY right after you read the latest one.
( I just ask, that if you know me outside of Blogger, and are friends with me on Facebook, that you not comment on this publicly to me) - I only ask because Mom is dealing with this privately, (to the extent that she can) :) and I haven't shared with everyone. I have family members on Facebook who are not aware of the situation, per Mom's request as well. I know it might seem a little odd, but I guess we all deal with it the way we see fit.

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  1. Dawn, I am so sorry to hear this. This is so similar to my own mom's story. I hope you don't mind me commenting on here about this topic, you don't even need to respond. I looked at your CaringBridge site and you have done a tremendous job with your mom's story and your articles and pictures. I will be keeping your mom and you all in my daily rosary intentions (during my horrible 2 hour commute, I have lots of time to pray). Be strong and God Bless you and your mom.


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