Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Steppin' it up

Life has been so busy here lately. Lots of house projects and running our tails off to and from Home Depot and Lowe's. Whew. We finished the bathroom finally ( as you saw) and last weekend we finished putting up our privacy fence. We already had it around the perimeter of the yard but we finished the gate and the other side of our house as well. It looks way different but I'll get used to it. It really gives us our privacy now. Not that we'd run around the yard naked or anything but our neighbors are used to being chummy and sharing yards etc. (with our home's previous owners) and we're not unfriendly BUT we don't get into that kind of neighborly socializing either. The little boy next door used to poke sticks through the fence at our dog and more recently we caught him in our driveway, creeping up on her through the gate and tantalizing her. So, in a way, the privacy fence has put a stop to the nonsense. You can't pick your neighbors, I guess. But we're civil.

Last Thursday, I got out with a girlfriend for some much needed "girl" time! We went and had some yummy food at a favorite pizza place of mine and we chatted for what seemed like FOREVER. We probably could have talked all night if we'd had the chance. But we didn't. ** sigh **
After we ate (way too much) we stopped in at Walmart to get some things. And we both forgot milk. How funny! So that was our long awaited Girls Night Out..... We put Girls Gone Wild to shame!

The weather has been screwy lately - We get a really nice day and then we get a really crappy day. I heard that this weekend may be really nice. In the 70's maybe? I can't wait to get the mulch all laid out and our flowers all planted.. I guess we don't really need to plant much but at least hope that what we planted last year, holds up again this year. I'm not looking forward to bees and wasps of course but I've been trying really hard to overcome my fear of both. It's hard but I'm making an effort. Not easy when we already have a couple of "mud" spots on our window on the front porch. We have a captain's window there and for some reason, that is where the bees/wasps set up camp each year. My dear husband usually gets to it early - He knows how crazy I am with it.

In other news, my inlaws bought a house and they go to settlement on Friday - Everyone's excited for them having a home of their own, again, after all these years. It just makes more sense to them considering what they've been paying in rent each month. They could be paying a mortgage and not have all the restrictions of the apartment complex. They can't barbeque or plant a garden; all things they really enjoy. So it'll be nice to have a place to really call and treat as their very own. Luckily they hired movers, so we really only have to help with painting etc. It should be fun.

My week is moving along quite nicely and I'm so looking forward to having another Sunday off. AWESOME.

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