Friday, April 15, 2011

birthdays, holidays, LAZY days

Well, first of all, I tried to upload some of my wedding video and it was a huge FAIL on my part. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I can't save it and/or just pull certain chapters out. So, it'll have to wait for another day. Maybe.

Today was a rather chilly day here but I still opened the windows while I cleaned the house and it felt good to have a breeze coming in like that. Airing the house out is so necessary! Actually, Dr. Oz said that somewhere. Love Dr. Oz - he's awesome. So I cleaned my tail off today - swiffered under the bed and the furniture and did all the hardwood floors. Lots of work but worth it when you see a nice clean house. I am always shocked at how much dog hair you can accumulate. Under the bed? Oh my word! It's like another animal living under there. I'm glad that Spring has come to visit - I hope it's not temporary. I actually put sunscreen on today, just to go pick up my mom at work. I just felt like the sun was pretty strong and sometimes when I get home, after driving a while, I have already gotten some sun. That's a big no no. For me, at least. I don't like to resemble Snow White, which I often do, but I am way afraid of skin cancer. I'm guessing pizza is on the menu tonight since we're still in Lent .. we can't eat meat. Easy for me, because that means I don't have to cook. I may try to bake a little later though. My mom got me some Tastefully Simple bread mixes - I have actually tasted the Beer Bread and it's so good! I can't wait to have some - I just have to find something to dip it in. Maybe I'll make some Pizza Dip to go with it. I'm glad you don't really have to use beer for it; the box says soda or carbonated juice works. Good, cause I don't have any beer hanging around. : ) I was actually able to catch a couple of good movies on LMN today - I rarely get a chance to actually sit down and watch TV - I choose to read or do something on the computer. But now and again, LMN gets me all caught up and I sit there like a couch potato, taking in all the drama that LMN is. My birthday is next Tuesday - Can anyone guess how old I'll be? I don't dread birthdays like most people do. I should've taken a vacation day and just spent the day doing nothing but I'll be at work instead. BLEH. Since it's during the week, we'll probably have some birthday cake with my family but nothing fancy. We always do cake. No matter who's birthday it is. This month is really moving along, I can't believe it. Easter is around the corner and I'm bummed about that as usual. I have to work. I really think Easter should be a holiday at work but they don't observe it as one so I get stuck working. When there were 2 of us in the office on Sundays, we would alternate the holidays and I actually made it to dinner a few Easters, but now that I have been by myself the past few years, I don't get to have dinner with the family. Shoot, last year, my husband didn't even bring me a plate! How dare he? Kidding. So I may ask if I can leave a couple hours early this year - I can't see that it'd be a problem because we have a fully staffed customer service department in our corporate office. They can take the phones etc for a couple hours, right? I'm a little nervous to ask but I guess I have nothing to lose. We'll see what I decide. Not sure what's on our agenda for the weekend - Last weekend we were so busy. We painted at the inlaws' new home, and we mulched and planted our front garden. It would great if we could just relax and do nothing, but we'll see what comes our way. Well, off to order some pizza and let the dogger out for some well deserved fresh air. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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