Friday, January 21, 2011

Down the tube

My day, thus far, has been anything but productive. NY & Co was a big fail. What happened to their clothes? Not to mention that they're not that cute anymore, but I looked at a top that caught my eye & it was $43. I'm a frugal shopper so that might be too pricey for me to begin with, but WOW. So I took the outfit back and was issued a store credit. Maybe I'll shop online with it; they're bound to have some cute accessories (although then I have to pay shipping). Whatever. So I did meet my sister at the mall and we had lunch and chatted about everything under the sun. We usually do! Guess that was the highlight of my day. I need to get my hair/bangs cut BADLY and I wanted to pick up some new makeup, but I came right home after I left the mall. I honestly feel like laying down and taking a nap. I guess I'm just in a funk now. My mom is really sick and won't go to the doctor - she's very stubborn. I have a lot of things going through my mind about it. She always seems to be sick (as in achy body, etc) and it scares the hell out of me that it's so frequent. Today I had a lot of guilt that I haven't pressed her to go to the doctor but I can't physically MAKE her. She'd be all over me if I thought I had something wrong and she would go to the doctor's WITH me but I think she's just afraid of what she might hear. I don't know what's wrong with her; I'm not a doctor. I just have some crazy notions in my head - and I want her to get checked out. She hasn't been to a doctor in years - maybe a wellness check is all she needs. Some vitamins? I know she's had high blood pressure in the past so that's a concern. My mom is literally about 5'2" and weighs probably just over 100 lbs. She is all bones and the smoking doesn't help. She could live on cigarettes and Pepsi. In fact, I feel like sometimes she does. I called the doctor today to see if I can get her in there on Monday but the answering service said their phones are forwarded for the day. Great. I could make her an appt with my own doctor but I know they're tough when it's a new patient. Sometimes they're accepting new ones and sometimes they want you to jump through hoops. She has to go no matter what. I just have to convince her somehow and I won't take no for an answer. Wish me luck.

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